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RIVERDALE ~ Kelowna Style

Hello, Katrina Hiebert here from Dynamic Exposures by Kat, one of your local Kelowna based photographers, in business since 2016, photographing for much longer.

First I'd like to say that so far the Riverdale shoot has been the most difficult shoots I've organized. It has taken about 2 months to fully organized and I did not do it alone.

Originally this was planned to contain the whole "main" cast of the show, that is adults and teens with makeup artists and a hair/stylist artist, that was around 26 people, after many challenges in organization, I decided to minimize it to just the teen cast (8 models). For the first run, planned to happen in May, I had other local help, a new local photographer (Vicky Fox, with Vicky Fox Photography) was assisting me (prop collection, location & pose ideas), but the first shoot fell through. I decided after this to take a breather, re-evaluate, regroup, and basically started from scratch.

This shoot, on Jun 3rd, still had some collaborators, keep reading for their info as well.

Locations: Thank you Chris Rowe for allowing us to set up and partially shoot in Quest Martial Arts Academy, an amazing Tae Kwon Do facility located on Hwy 97; Thank you Karrin Morris for allowing us to shoot in Kelowna Burger Baron - they now have gluten and dairy free options, located on Rutland Road; we also shot in the parking lot of Rutland Senior Secondary School, and in Mission Creek Regional Park.

I would also like to say a HUGH thank to Value Village, located on Aurora Crescent, for assisting with costumes and props.

Some items I personally provided (cat ears for the pussycats, and a couple key items purchased from stores in our local Mall).

Special shout out and thanks to Ken Erickson, a local hobbyist photographer, for assisting with lighting, setup, and shooting!

Thank you also to Sierra Guenard for helping with makeup and touch-ups.

Model Cast:

* Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones - Lucas Polson aka Lux Luker ~ Lucas was originally selected to portray just Jughead, but I had no luck keeping an Archie, and as I went through close to or around a dozen people with still no luck, Lucas stepped up and filled both roles!

* Betty Cooper - Maddy Apostoliuk aka Strangempire - Model

* Veronica Lodge - Jaime Anderson ~ Jaime also played a double roll subbing in to pose with the Pussycats, they sang together on the show, so why not!

* Cheryl Blossom - Sarahanne Gardhouse

* Toni Topaz - Chelsea Thorsteinsson

* Pussycats - Lily Brown (brunette) & (on Instagram) Avory Zienowicz [] (blonde)

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